Berrien Springs Band Boosters Minutes – January 9, 2017

Attendees:  Aimee Anderson, Rhonda Carter, Wendy Cascone, Sherri Keene, Art Keene, Becky Brightbill, Tammie Williams, Dawn Knuth, Melissa Jillson, Kelly Rosselit, Heather Collins, Rene Rios, Eric Stoub and Ryan Pesce.

Meeting called to order at 7:04 pm

Meeting minutes from December reviewed.  Motion to approve made by Eric and seconded by Rhonda.

Treasurer’s Report:  Dawn has updated student accounts with the exception of BCYF ticket gate money and money from Concession stand.  A letter is being drafted to go out to students who owe fees to the band.  Little Caesar fund raiser made a profit of $1,440.00 for the band.  There is approximately $30,941.00 in the general fund.

Committee Reports:  Special Events, the HS lock in will be held January 28th at the HS 5:00 pm to 11:30 pm.  Saylor’s pizza is giving a large discount on the pizzas for the kids.  Games and food will be available for the kids-movies, wii and xbox also.  Volunteers are needed to help chaperone the kids during the night. Fundraisers, Little Caesars order was $500 more than last year.  Spaghetti dinner will be held on March 11th at the HS.  We will start working on the contribution letters soon.

Director’s Report:  Reveal night for the 2017 marching season will be March 23rd for all grade levels 8th through 11th.  Seniors are welcome to come and help promote marching band.  Band banquet date has been reserved for May 21, 2017 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Mars Community Center.  Pep band’s first game will be Tuesday January 10th.  Next year’s band numbers have increased-100 kids in HS band is being projected for the 2017/2018 school year. Uniforms, furniture, instruments and field equipment will need to be purchased to support the growth of the band. We need to evaluate the sizes of the upcoming 8th graders to determine what size uniforms we are needing.

Unfinished Business:  We need to move forward with the seamstress to teach parent volunteers how to measure and hem the uniforms.

New Business:  The band will be in need of donations and grants due to the growth of our program.   Sherrie has made some suggestion for a few non-traditional fundraisers.

Motion to adjourn made by Rhonda and seconded by Wendy.

Meeting adjourned at 8:14 pm

Next meeting February 13, 2017

and seconded by Wendy.

Meeting adjourned at 8:14 pm

Next meeting February 13, 2017