Berrien Springs Band Boosters Minutes – March 13, 2017

Attendees:  Sandy Edwards, Andrew Moler, Hannah Moler, Eric Stoub, Rhoda Johnson, Art Keene,
Sherri Keene, Kelly Lafleur, Rhonda Carter, Tammie Williams, Becky Brightbill, Dawn Knuth, Melissa Jillson and Kelly Rosselit

February meeting minutes reviewed and approved. Motion to accept made by Sherri and seconded by Andrew.

Treasurer’s Report:  $35,050.29 in Band Booster’s account.  $1,931.00 was made at the spaghetti dinner fundraiser.  Lots of great donations this year.  Student accounts remain the same.

Correspondence:  Need to send out thank you notes to the donors of the spaghetti dinner.

Fundraisers:  Spaghetti dinner went very well.  Sherri presented information on the “Good Clean Fundraising” sale of laundry detergents, dish soaps and fabric softeners.  Sale will run from end of March until May 2nd. This fundraiser will be 100% profit going into the student’s account that can be used for band camp and band trips.  At least $10/bucket profit. Fundraising opportunities are also available at the car wash and Phillip 66 gas station in town.  Opportunities to sell glow sticks and LED necklaces during the fireworks. Also a possibility of playing for donations throughout the community.

Public Relations:  At the committee meeting there was discussion of creating an outline of the coming year to help prepare for the upcoming month’s tasks, outlining what is typically done in each month.  This would help in planning and letting parents/students know what to look forward to.

Special Events:  Reveal party is being held on March 23, 2017 to announce next year’s marching show.  This event is for 8th through 11th grade students. Mrs. Rosselit is in need of help on March 20th at 6pm to put together packets, no kids. Staples and Staplers are needed.

Uniforms:  Additional uniforms have been ordered.

Director’s Report:  Great week at festival.  HS earned all A’s and 1 B on stage.  Sight reading went great. The HS will be going to state competition April 26th or 27th. MS: 8th graders received a 2 overall, they did incredibly well in sight reading. 7th graders received a 1 overall, with a 1 in sight reading.  HS Jazz festival is April 18th at South Haven HS.  State Solo and Ensemble is March 18th at Portage Northern HS.

Unfinished Business:  Booster By-Laws, review of changes. Voted on changes to the By-Laws, Art motioned to accept the amendments, Eric seconded the motion.  Passed with all in favor.