Berrien Springs Band Boosters Minutes – October 14, 2016

Attendees: Melissa Jillson, Lilly Jillson, Darrin Jillson, Becky Brightbill, Tammie Williams, Dawn Knuth, Rick Reeves, Mrs. Reeves, Eric Stoub, Carrie Vandenburg, Jeff Pisarski, Heather Pisarski, Phil Britenfeld, Janay Britenfeld, Ai Mee Anderson, Rhonda Carter, Wendy Cascone, Julie Hill

Meeting called to order at 7:01 p.m.

Meeting minutes from October reviewed and approved first by Heather and second by Janay

Treasurer’s Report: Charms to google docs for student account information. Getting better. Goal is by December meeting. After football, $33,817.10 are in the account. $18,635.01 because of football and playoffs. $6,100+ and something about play, profit is $12,00. “Like having four homecomings!” Student accounts are not ready yet, but maybe next time. 30 kids have paid for band camp, working on Korn dog and ticket gate sales. Finished seniors, started junior, not below. Approved first by Eric and second by Rhonda.

Correspondences: No new correspondences. Eric wants to thank the competition hosts due to their allowance of later performances for the SDA community at our school- Lakeshore Vicksburg, and East Kentwood.

Uniforms: Uniform fitting is scheduled for Wednesday 9:25-noon 1:04 at the high school and Thursday same time at middle school. Potentially hire a seamstress for next year.

Fundraisers: Football concession is done. We ended up with 3 extra nights due to playoff games. Little Caesar’s Handed out, due November 30th. Deliver at the middle school, must be organized, then handed out to students after school (1:00-5:30 on December 16th). Decals are here, $5 each.  We need to add decal information to Twitter or Facebook.

Director’s Report: Mrs. Rosselit was not able to be at the meeting tonight due to All Star Band practice. Thank you to Mrs. Vandenburg for attending the meeting. Please see attached director’s report. Motion made to pay for the entry fees for the students participating in All Star band, first by Rhonda and second by Wendy.  All in favor.

Unfinished Business: Band Boosters has received an invoice from the HS Food Service for $93.25 for the day of East Kentwood because of spoiled milk due to electrical problem from a breaker being blown and not reported. $252.57 to Orefice for gloves. Tammie received a  phone call from Mr. Eichberg stating that we are no longer responsible for making payments on the football concession stand and he will refund this year’s payment.

New business: Tammie proposed that we form a communications committee for sending out information in the effort that the parents and student’s are more informed of the band’s activities at all grade levels. Wendy asked about what other fundraising opportunities that are available. We discussed the ticket booth at BCYF, the Korn Dog Booth, Spaghetti dinner and contribution letter.  Missy, Dawn, Ai Mee, Rhonda, Eric and Darrin have all volunteered to be on the committee.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Janay and second by Rhonda.  Meeting adjourned at 8:09 p.m..

Next meeting will be Monday December 5, 2016 at 7:00 pm.