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We’ve had a lot of success and excitement this week!  Please read all about it in our newsletter!



The HS band had to play a standstill performance in the rain at Niles due to the field conditions. They earned a Division 1.

The HS band had to play a standstill performance in the rain at Niles due to the field conditions. They earned a Division 1.

The High School Marching Band had a very busy and successful week! On Wednesday, October 12th, the band earned a Division 1 (superior) Rating at the MSBOA Marching Festival. Due to the weather conditions, the band had to do a standstill performance on the Niles HS track – but the strength of their music performance still earned them a 1.The Band also performed at the Lakeshore High School Marching Invitational on Saturday, October 15th. They earned Best Music and 2nd place in Class C competition!

We have two more performances of REDEMPTION this season for you to see.

This week we have our Senior Night home football game vs. Pine River HS. Schedule for that game is likely to be*:

5:30 – Call/Dress

5:50 – Cafeteria

6:30 – March out

6:40 – Performance

7:00 – Game Starts

*There may be an alteration to this schedule due to Senior Night details and the JV game that immediately proceeds the Varsity game. I will get more information on Monday morning and update you accordingly.

We have our final marching competition at the East Kentwood Marching Invitational this Saturday, October 22nd. At this competition, we go up early in the day and watch 8-10 bands, warm-up/perform, and watch the final set of A/AA bands. It is a long day, so watch the weather for Kentwood and bring enough money for lunch/dinner at the EK concession stand.

11:45 – Call time @ BSHS

11:50 – Load trailer w/instruments & uniforms

12:10 – Load bus

12:15 – Leave BSHS

2:15 – Arrive EKHS

Watch performances until 5:30

5:30-6:10 – Put on Uniform/get out instruments

6:15 – warm up

7:00 – Perform

7:15 – Return to trailer/change/put away instruments

Watch performances until 9:45

9:45 – Awards

10:00 – Return to bus

12:30 – Arrive @ BSHS

Schedule for week:

Monday – Rehearsal/tape analysis during class

Tuesday – Senior Hat making 2:45-5:30, ALL STAR TAPES DUE, Evening rehearsal 6:30-8:30

Wednesday – Class rehearsal

Thursday – none

Friday – Class rehearsal + Football Game

Saturday – East Kentwood competition – ALL DAY


(L to R) Jared, Callie, and Josiah accept the award for BEST MUSIC from the Lakeshore Drum Majors.

(L to R) Jared, Callie, and Josiah accept the award for BEST MUSIC from the Lakeshore Drum Majors.

Remember our Concert is coming up soon! It is Thursday, October 27, 2016 at the Middle School Gym. The kids have really been working hard – I can’t wait for you to hear their progress.· Students need to be in the Middle School band room at 6:30pm.

· The concert begins at 7pm in the Middle School gym.

UNIFORM: Students can wear a costume or all black clothes (including black shoes!) No blood/gore or weapons allowed. Masks must be removed for performance purposes.

Students are required to attend and participate in this concert and must stay for the entire concert. Part of being in band is listening to, supporting, and evaluating other groups.


Each week I’m going to share some tips to help encourage your student to practice. This week is about setting up your practice space:1) Supplies: The following items are crucial to effective practice sessions:
– A music stand facilitates proper viewing and encourages appropriate playing posture.
– A sturdy chair with a flat seat helps develop correct posture (the back of the chair is insignificant, as a student should not be resting their back on the chair while playing). Better yet, students should practice standing up!
– A pencil allows students to mark their music as necessary to help them correct mistakes.
– A metronome provides a steady beat for students to follow while practicing and is critical for appropriate development of pulse (You can download one on your phone!)
– A tuner is the only way that students may practice long tones and self-assess their intonation, or pitch accuracy (You can download one on your phone!)
– A CD player allows students to play along with the CD’s included in their books. This is not only helpful in allowing them to hear an ideal sound for their instrument, but it also gives them the opportunity to play along with a steady accompaniment, making their practice environment more engaging.
– A practice record or some sort of dedicated notebook (even a planner) in which musicians write down goals helps track their progress and stay dedicated to both their practice schedule and goal-setting.


Our featured brass quintet and guard capture the audience's eye during "Night on Bald Mountain."

Our featured brass quintet and guard capture the audience’s eye during “Night on Bald Mountain.”

Running a band program of this size requires many helpers. We need people to help come in and measure kids for uniforms, assist on football/performance days (both HS & MS), and chaperone rehearsals (MS). We also need parent help to feed the students before or after performances (HS), send in donations of socks (HS & MS), plus many other small tasks that make this program great.If you would like to help in any capacity – please reach out to Ms. Wendy Cascone by texting 269-588-2510. She will let you know what we need and how we need it! We will also have a Band Booster Facebook page updated and running in the next few weeks – we will post requests there too!

Thank you for your continued support of the Berrien Springs Band Program!


Mr. Adam Emeigh, our Low Brass instructor for HS band camp, is available to give lessons to trombone, baritone, tuba, and French horn players of all ages. He will be at the middle school on Monday evenings. He is charging $15 a half hour (this is a STEAL for a teacher of his caliber). Right now he has students booked for 4:30 and 5. He is available beginning at 5:30.Adam earned his degree from Central Michigan University in music education. He is a tuba player originally, but has specialized in all low brass (and Horn) for the past 8 years. He has taught in Odessa, Texas (home of Friday Night Lights); Pasadena, Texas; Hiroshima, Japan; and South Bend, Indiana. He is currently teaching at Grissom Middle School in the PHM district in Mishawaka, Indiana.

If you want to take lessons, or want your student to take lessons, please email me ASAP I highly recommend his skills as a music educator and private lesson teacher.

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Kelly Rosselit is the band director for the Berrien Springs Public Schools. She is in her 9th year of teaching; this is her 5th at Berrien Springs. She holds a Master's degree in Oboe Performance from Central Michigan University as well as two undergraduate degrees in music education and music performance. She has performed with the St. Joseph Municipal Band, Andrews Symphony Orchestra, Midland Symphony Orchestra, and Midland Players. She lives in Niles with her husband, Chris, who is a middle school science teacher for the PHM district in Indiana. In her spare time she enjoys kayaking, quilting, and binging entire seasons of tv shows on Netflix.

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