How many performances are there and are they required?

Band is a performance-based class.  Performances are required.  Our objectives for the year involve learning music with the motivation to perform for the community at least once per marking period.  Middle school students perform at 4-5 major concerts/events per year.  High school students perform at all home football games, 3 marching competitions, 8-10 basketball games, 2-3 parades, as well as the formal concerts.  Please consult our calendar for updated information.

Can I be in band and sports?

YES!  We work out the schedules so students can participate in band and athletics.  Band is an academic co-curricular class.  We will have after-school rehearsals during marching season.  We will work with the coaches so you can participate in both events.

Can I be in band and other clubs?

YES!  We want our students to be well-rounded musicians as well as well-rounded people.

Will being in band have a NEGATIVE effect on my grades or scholarships?

NO!  As a matter of fact, most of the students in band are in the top of their classes. Research has shown that the extra time you spend in band not only helps you build your musical skills, but also makes you smarter in math, science, and English!

Does the band take any trips?

Yes!  Trips are one of the most fun parts of being in band. Past trips have included Disney World, Washington D.C., Chicago, Indianapolis and South Bend.

Do I have to be in marching band, or can I just be in concert band?

Berrien Springs has a comprehensive band program, which means yes, everyone in the high school band program participates in marching band.

Marching band is a lot of fun.  It is where you meet everyone and make a lot of new friends.  It’s a great way to make the transition to high school.  While all your non-band friends are scared on the first day of school, you will have already made new upperclassmen friends you met at band camp.  It’s also where everyone gets a feel for how the band runs, and learn many of the little things that transfer to concert band, making everyone a better musician.

Is band expensive?

There is money involved with being in band. The high school band fee is $150, which includes band camp, uniform rental, dry cleaning, etc…All of this money can be paid through fundraisers. We have several parents who work at the various fundraisers throughout the year to pay for everything; this means nothing comes out of your pocket. No student is EVER denied membership due to financial difficulties.  Please contact Mrs. Rosselit if you have questions or concerns about your band account.

There is an initial start-up cost when students join band in middle school – instruments are not cheap.  However, if your student takes good care of his/her instrument, it should last throughout high school with minimal problems.  There are no fees to participate in middle school bands.

Do I have to go to band camp?

Yes, why would you want to miss it?  Band camp is the only chance we get all of this accomplished:

  • We get to know each other and become a “family” of friends working together to make an exciting musical and visual show.
  • We make new friends and get used to the school
  • We learn the marching portion of the show, and combine it with the music that we learned over the summer.
  • We learn basic concepts of good marching techniques, and apply it to the show.
  • We learn basic concepts of good playing techniques, and how to play and march at the same time.

If you miss it, it will be almost impossible for you to catch up.  Please contact Mrs. Rosselit if you forsee an issue!  Band camp is always the last week of July.  Please schedule your vacation time around it.