In order to help our kids raise money for their trip to Disney – we are going to be doing a few more fundraisers throughout the next year. Even though 6th and 7th graders will not be headed on a band trip for a few more years, I highly encourage all students to participate in these fundraisers to bolster their personal band accounts.

We will be selling laundry detergent soap throughout the month of April. Delivery will be in May. Ask your student Tuesday (or Wednesday – high schoolers) for more details!

100% of the profits from this fundraiser will go to each student’s individual band account to be used for trips, band camp, or supplies like marching shoes or flip folios. At least $10/bucket profit!

Here is some additional information on the fundraiser.

About Kelly Rosselit

Kelly Rosselit is the band director for the Berrien Springs Public Schools. She is in her 9th year of teaching; this is her 5th at Berrien Springs. She holds a Master's degree in Oboe Performance from Central Michigan University as well as two undergraduate degrees in music education and music performance. She has performed with the St. Joseph Municipal Band, Andrews Symphony Orchestra, Midland Symphony Orchestra, and Midland Players. She lives in Niles with her husband, Chris, who is a middle school science teacher for the PHM district in Indiana. In her spare time she enjoys kayaking, quilting, and binging entire seasons of tv shows on Netflix.

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